Storage & Distribution

What We Offer

  • Palletised Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Block Storage
  • Container Unpacking and Storage
  • Storage Distribution

Whether its machinery, pallets in bulk, various items for picking and distribution, overflow from your current warehouse, BTG have you covered.

BTG Transport boast personalised service not usually given with the larger companies.

We supply direct numbers to our clients so that you know when you need us we are there and your talking to the people that can make the decision without referring to anyone else.

We’re a little old school in that we actually value our clients and want to help them. We recognise that when our clients are happy and growing then we are too.

So if you’re looking to outsource your entire process to a 3pl provider or need products stored and transported then why not call us or complete the form opposite and we will contact you.

Anyone can provide a service….
But can they provide the BTG Transport experience?

Contact us now to talk about your storage or distribution needs.


About BTG Transport

Anyone can provide a service….
But can they provide the BTG Transport experience?

About Us

About Us

BTG Transport started with one truck and through growth now utilise a mix of company vehicles and subcontract owner drivers.

BTG Transport specialise in Warehousing, Storage and Distribution, Container unloading Sydney local Transport of general freight, hourly hire and permanent hire taxi trucks.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

BTG Transport has on offer a large varied fleet from utes to 6, 8 and 12 tonne rigid trucks which can be in either flat top open trays or tautliner (curtain side) configurations.

BTG Transport also have the availability to offer you prime movers to tow your trailers or the full semi-trailer option.



After 20 years in transport and warehousing, BTG Transports Director decided it was time to offer customers what he had not received in the past from his suppliers as a client, customer service and a company that would listen and provide solutions that were required. BTG Transport now operates on those key standards and put major importance on our clients needs and providing a professional business experience. That is what keeps BTG Transports clients coming back.

Why use contracted Consulting Services

We are in an age where business is getting squeezed further and further to produce quality, but at the same time clients and public are expecting cheaper.

If your business provides any goods or service within a supply chain involving heavy vehicles, come Oct 2018 you can and will be scrutinised under the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ laws if a vehicle carrying your products are caught breaching the rules, Everyone in that supply chain from a forklift driver to an owner or manager can be held personally responsible if things in your business are not being handled correctly.

Contracting Consulting Services is a great way to achieve changes to your business in areas of expertise you are unsure of to ensure maximum productivity. For instance, you manufacture a product and you have been using a company ute just to run around and deliver to your small list of clients. Your business is building over time from the ute to a truck and then two trucks. You now need someone to deal with the trucks and drivers and deliveries so you move one of your employees off the line as a bit of a promotion except that person doesn’t understand trucks, their carrying capacities, their maximum axle weights or how to restrain the loads. He has never been out of his town and therefore doesn’t know where delivery points are and so your costs explode to a point that is unsustainable. That example, while sounding exaggerated, I can assure you isn’t. This type of this is happening everywhere and costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You may be the only manager and feel like you are getting swallowed up as your business grows and you need help to structure and move forward.

The best part is, you can contract the Consulting Service for as little or as long as you want or can afford. You can run it for a month for instance, and then stop using the service and come back to it later, if need be. Once the findings have been detailed and set up, you shouldn’t need ongoing help, unless wanted and all this means the costs are flexible!

Who and what are you getting

As a specialist in Transport Operations and Logistics, Tony of BTG Transport and his team offer a professional but straight forward Consulting Service for your business.

With over 25yrs in Transport, Warehousing and Business Ownership in not only trucks but in various industries, Tony comes plenty qualified in experience and on the job training to provide you and your company with the proven ideas that work.

As in all business, the idea is to maximise profits and/or minimise cost, and as Tony works through your operations area from start to finish gathering information and processes with his basic hands on approach, he will be detailing thoughts and questions, new ideas and possible changes that will show results.

The aim is to not only help you reduce your costs within your operational area, but to also provide your clients with a better, more productive service. Other areas of focus can be staff management, systems and processes, structuring to cope with growth while improving your whole business flow. After thoroughly analysing your business, a tailor-made strategy will be provided and BTG can assist you with its implementation, if required.

The BTG Consulting Service will cover many areas of your business. Major cost savings are usually made when a business endures growth and continues to add areas to the business, a new department or a new service. Growth in their internal or contracted transport fleet and then move a worker from manufacturing for instance to an allocator, or Transport Supervisor.

BTG has the ability to streamline all areas to work together. Arrange staffing based on experience and ability as well as put together processes and procedures to ensure smooth operational flow.

Why choose us?

It’s never a bad thing to understand that we aren’t good at everything and that what is your strength and speciality is not everyone else’s. For this reason, SME find themselves in a never ending position of chasing their tail because they don’t have the experience and knowledge employed to get the job done in its most profitable way as their business grows. And that’s where we come in.

You get a Warehousing and Transport specialist that can bring together all areas into a streamlined flow with processes and procedures.

You receive 25 years of Transport and Warehousing experience dedicated to ensuring the maximum results for the business.

You receive a business owner who understands how important all these small things are for you and is dedicated to the result.

You get a solid Manager with great leadership skills. A specialist in structuring areas of business for growth and to produce maximum results needing minimal management supervision.

And last but not least, you have access to an honest, trustworthy business man.

Consulting Capabilites

BTG Transport is well equipped to assist you in areas of transport and logistics management. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and skills we have developed over many years of operating in the industry. Our core strengths we can help you with include:

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Structuring and process

How can we help your business?

Contact us to see how we can help your business!

Transport Services

Transport Services

Anyone can provide a service….
But can they provide the BTG Transport experience?

What We Offer

What We Offer

Whether you are looking for a particular delivery done, a half a day, a full day or a truck permanently to meet you and your client’s needs, BTG Transport has you covered. All BTG Transport vehicles are available for Point to Point deliveries, Hourly Hire or permanent hire.

Servicing the whole of the Sydney metro, Central Coast and the Central West of NSW you can be assured that we have you covered.

Why not contact us to get your product moving.

Our Mission

Our Mission

BTG Transport wants you as our partner. Our clients are the reason BTG Transport is in business. We work hard to ensure our values and the core reason we are in business is not forgotten.

  • Provide absolute client satisfaction
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Provide deliveries in full on time
  • Provide professional, safety conscious owner operators
  • Provide value for money
  • Provide our clients with great business experiences
  • Provide an easy transport option to our clients

Your Advantage

Your Advantage

Why run around arranging transport carriers when we can do it for you.

Our aim is to give your time back to you and remove the hassle of transport arrangements allowing you to concentrate on other things knowing that BTG Transport are looking after your transport requirements.

Let’s face it…… things go wrong in all business all the time, but it is how we rectify those issues and communicate them to our clients that are what we are remembered for.

Next time you’re looking for a vehicle to transport your shipment or require a truck for a day, week, or permanently, let us prove it to you.

Service Area

BTG Transport provides services to the Greater Sydney Region, Central Coast, Wollongong and Central West
Including, but not limited to, the following areas

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